Sleepy Hollows Skate, Saturday, October 30, 2010

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We skated down the Headless Horseman on SATURDAY OCTOBER 30, 2010.

We departed from Columbus Circle at 10AM, heading north along the Hudson to the historic town of Sleepy Hollow. It was app. 26 mile skate, along Riverside, Riverdale, Broadway, and Warburton, including short stretches along Broadway just north of Yonkers. We ended our skate at the old cemetery used by the earliest Dutch settlers, from 1640 on, where “Headless Horseman” author Washington Irving reposes.

We then returned to Manhattan on Metro North, which runs just next to the Hudson. No one skated back this time but if Speed skaters are joining us, they are getting a “full skate” of about 54 miles.

If you’d like to participate in this skate next year please note following:

 – Skaters must be comfortable on hills and with traffic

 –  Helmets and wrist guards required, all other protective gear recommended

We stopped in Sleepy Hollow for food, and as it was suspected everyone returned by train, (money and shoes kind of required for this matter! LOL).

Bikers are always welcome.
If you want to come by bicycle, you must have a bike permit for the train. You can get the lifetime $5 permit the same day or before by previously downloading and filling out permit application at MTA bike webpage Permit application and $5 fee must be given to ticket or conductor staff.

This is an Empire Skate Club of New York event.

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